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Ibitira update

The unique Ibitira meteorite (2.5KG - Fell June 30, 1957, 
5:15PM, Brazil) was purchased for a small fortune and specimens 
have been distributed to multiple research facilities
in the U.S. Initial reactions of researchers prior to exhaustive 
testing have included the following:
NOT a Eucrite - rather, a Vesiculated Basaltic Achondrite
Unlikely lunar in origin, Suspected Martian origin
Possible ancient Earth, having been blasted into the solar 
system & returned to Earth as a meteorite.
Prior to definitive identification, some of this material is being 
made available to private collectors. However, significant quantities 
have already been distributed to researchers & post identification 
availability, depending on determination of origin, may result in 
very little of this completely unique meteorite being available  and 
could result in prices far greater than Nakhla or even what has 
been seen with Chassigny. 
Spectacular photos of this anomaous meteorite prior to slicing 
can be viewed at: http://www.meteorite.com/Michael_Blood