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Re: Ibitira update

Dear Ron,
    I was informed late last night that nearly 400g or the 2,500g mass, 
has now been distributed to numerous institutions for testing. I do not 
know which ones, I have never had say in the matter. As of today,  the 
remainder is being offered for trade to museums. Right now, a total of 
67g is in the hands of private collectors world wide. I have been 
authorized to drop prices to make it affordable to the community of 
private collectors before all of it ends up in institutions. I do not know 
how long that will take, days... weeks? I suppose it depends on what is 
offered for it in trade.
     Prices are now as follows: 1/2g = 450,  1g = 750,   10g = 4,000,
25g = 8,500,  50g & up= 300 per gr.  
     I do not know what ultimate determination will be as a result of 
testing now being conducted, but it is a fascinating meteorite. Vesicules 
are obvious to the naked eye & magnification of 10X reveals a totally 
crystaline structure & the vesicules appear as crystal lined geodes.
     Initial guesses as to origine were off hand remarks made by 
researchers prior to extensive testing & reported by me as such. There 
is, however, unanimous agreement that it came from a parent body 
with volcanic activity, which narrows down the possibilities 
    Once this material is in the hands of institutions, very little, if any, 
will be available to collectors.