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Murchison Amino Acids

Hello All!
I'm one of those lurkers you hear about on occasions on this list...I'm
predominantly active on the Meteor Observers mailing list. One of the members
on that list mentioned the paragraph below. I was not aware that there were
more than the 22 amino acids known ...whether on earth or in space. He said
that there are only 22 amino acids on earth and the rest are only known in
this meteorite or  perhaps other carbonaceous chondrites. My question is:
Does anyone know about the contents of the Murchison meteorite in regards to
it's amino acid content? Does this sound right for a meteorite to contain 92
different amino acids?
George Zay

>>Actually, the idea of some primative life forms on comets isn't so far
 fetched as in may seem. The Murchison meteorite, which is believed to
 be from a comet has 92 amino-acids on it. Of course amino-acids aren't
 life, but there is also a rumor that (either CO3 or CM2) carbonaceous
 chondrites were found to have micro-fossils in them similar to the Martian
 meteorite samples. I don't know if PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
 were also found. As I mentioned, it is a rumor that I heard at the Winter
 Star Party in February. Perhaps life could adapt the long periods of lack
 of Sunlight<<