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Re: Meteorite Book.

fes@UWYO.EDU wrote:
>         To all of you who have been waiting for my book on Metorite
> classification and properties, I have a bit of bad news. I am having
> difficulty in finding a publisher who is willing to print it. I am told
> it is too limited, and I argue that other books have been published on
> the subject, and have met well with support. Anyway, I am looking into
> this now, and have suspended my writing indefinatly. I hope to resolve
> the problem in short order, however, there is not short order when it
> comes to stubborness.
> Frank Stroik
Hello Frank:
     If you are having trouble finding a publisher for your book why
don't you publish it yourself! I am in the process of publishg a book
myself  called ARN's History of Meteorites . It will be in print in less
than 2 months. If you would like to talk about it maybe I can help. I
have been publishing CD-ROM's since 1989 and do know most of the ins and
outs.                       By for now Kenneth Regelman
                             Astronomical Research Network
                   evening Phone 612-488-5178 , give me a call