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Re: crust color vs. matrix color


> I hope I understand your question correctly. There are a handful of
> meteorites with a very dark to black matrix.  The British Museum
> Catalogue notes this in their classifications (see Fleming, Colorado
> in the Catalogue).
> I believe the practice of giving a color in the classification of a
> meteorite has been abandoned.

Yes, thanks for the reply ... This is my situation:

I rec'd a small sample (of a ~suspected~ stone meteorite) that seemed to
consist only of fusion crust (dk.grey-black), so I requested a second
sample of mostly matrix. The second piece I rec'd was a cut-off 'chunk'
that looks like it went into the the stone approx. 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch.
Surely this would go beyond any fusion crust, would'nt it? The strange
thing is the ~suspected~matrix is almost identical in all aspects
(visually) to the crust! Any ideas ... is probable!

Best Regards, Art