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RE: Me: Laymans Meteorite Newsletter.

Dear Frank, 
Sorry it took so long to reply, but it has been busy. As for trading the Karoonda for the SNC's, we are having problems selling what we have now. But, if you have any falls that you have excess of, we would be interested in them. 

I am also interseted in the newsletter. Please email info.

Also, I have an idea for your Meteorite book. Sell it one of the magazines as a series (you make $$). Then, they or you can sell reprints.  

The cd rom idea would work, too. Let me know. How many pages? Maybe we could work out a deal to get the 'blue book' on the disk, too (like ARNI's Space rocks), but in a better format. The cdrom could be done like a html document (web page). This way it could work on a Mac or PC (don't tell regelman my idea - he has been a pain in the dupa!). I could addimages, or get examples elsewhere. 

Main consideration in format - are you doing this for cash or science??
Lemme know your thoughts. 

Walt Radomski