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Re: Misleading statements and the responsibility of Meteorite dealers.

Mr. Linteau,
	Thank you for your comments. The rock you describe could be a 
meteorite. Harry McSween may be the person to submitt it to.He is at the 
University of Tennesee, and specializes in SNC's. He has made the 
statement, which I agree with fully, that an SNC may be a sandstone, 
because alot of what is seen on Mars is sedimentary rock. 
	Science can sometimes be a nonhelpful medium to collectors, and those 
who feel they found a meteorite. I have made this point to several 
persons in the field, and they seem to disregard the comments. In any 
case, your efforts to learn about the material in your possesion is 
exactly what I was speaking of. You decided to pursue, and learn, and not 
accept some of the answers you recieved. That is science in action. 
 	I believe your rock warrants a study, if not a meteorite, than for the 
content, and outer characteristics of the stone. I have never heard of 
regamplyptic structures in sandstone. That in it's self is a find. 
	I would be willing to look at it for you with a nonbiased eye. I 
would hate to see something new placed aside for lack of interest. 
	As for becoming a meteoriticist, I say do it! Harvey Ninniger, one of 
the greatest meteorite educators, and scientist who ever lived, was a biology 
teacher before he decided to switch. There is always room for a new mind 
with new ideas in this field.
	Again thank you for your comments, and best of luck resolving the 
origin of the material in you possesion.

Best wishes,

Frank Stroik  
The University Of 

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