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Re: Two Headed Spider

I am delighted to hear there are other meteorite enthusiasts who are
also insect in amber enthusiasts. I am about to place a link on my site
that will carry insects in Baltic, Dominican & Chiapas Amber, as well as
outstanding Copal from Columbia and Madagascar. There will always be 10
photos (due to web site limits), the rest will be by description. The
first posting (and photos) will include a Chiapas Scorpion (true
scorpion) a friend of mine is selling for $2,500, which I am given to
understand is very low for such a rare specimen. The rest of the
specimens will be especially inexpensive, as well as outstanding. 
	Could Ron and or Martin tell me what other meteorite web sites feature
insects in amber? I am familiar with "the Amber Lady" and about 4
others, but none that offer meteorites. 
	More fun! 
	Best wishes, Michael