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Re: Mojave Desert Meteorite Hunt

Hello Pete,

I enjoyed your letter.  I have never been to California and I have no idea of
when I might be in that direction.  When I first got interested in
meteorites, I spent time hunting for them.  But I found out very quickly,
that they are next to impossible to find unless you are in a known fall area,
where many others have been found.  And even then, one could spend a solid
month hunting every day, and still not find anything.

Unfortunatly I don't have much patience for such activities.  If I am fishing
and I don't get a bite within a couple of hours, I am out of there!  However,
maybe a day or two out in your neighborhood might be fun.  

As I said, I am not sure if or when I might be out your way, but let's keep
in touch.