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Icefall in Scotland

I've had some exchange of information with Martin Horejsi on the subject of
icefalls.  He sent me a list of 63 reported or possible icefalls, which
would be a valuable document except it has no note as to author. It might
be by Walter Scott Houston, who wrote an article on the subject for Popular
Astronomy, Oct. 1975.  The list includes:
Ord, Scotland.  13/8/1849.  Peal of thunder...irregular piece of ice,
homogenous except for small part that looked like congealed
hailstones...about 20 feet in circumference.  Fell on the estate of Mr.
Moffat, in Balvulich, Rosshire, fell alone, without hailstones.

The source for this report seems to be "Fort", which might give some
question as to its reliability.
The other sources include "Greg", Flamarion, Biot, and Russian Annals.

I'd like to learn of other sources of information on this topic.
Peter Abrahams   telscope@europa.com
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    and the prism binocular