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Re: Moldavite

A 15:48 22/09/97 -0600, vous avez écrit :
>I've recently acquired a piece of moldavite, the information i recieved
>on it is very vague as to the origin, and composition of this tektite.If
>anyone could give me some specifics on moldavite, it would be
>--Dustin Sullivan
>Hi Dustin,

Moldavites are tektites.They are found in the Czech Republic in two
distinct strewn fields,the Bohemian and the Moravian ones.
Their average composition is:
SiO2	71-83%
Al2O3	8-14%
CaO	1.43-5.80%
MgO	1.31-2.52%
Na2O	0.29-0.54%
K2O	2.41-3.72%.
Prof.Bouska has written an excellent book:MOLDAVITES-THE CZECH TEKTITES
(Prague 1994),that is unfortunately sold out.

Best tektitical regards!

Guy Heinen