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Moldavite sizes

Thought the readers might find the following of some interest:
	I recently advertized a 56.1g Moldavite for sale, expressing absolute
doubt as to the validity of the claim made when it was sold to me as
"the biggest Moldivite in the world," stating I was certain some private
Czech collections had larger specimens, but, to that point in time, it
was the largest I had heard of being offered for sale. I received the
following email in response: 
Guy Heinen wrote:
 > Hi Michael,
>  The largest moldavites are:Slavice 265.5 g and Teruvky 235 g...
> The largest moldavite of my collection weighs 89 g!
>  Happy new year!
>  Guy
Michael Blood wrote:
> >Dear Guy,
> >       That is TERRIFIC! I was sure there were larger ones, but I did not realize they were so "common." Are you saying the 265.5g & 235g have names? Or, are those areas from which they came?
Guy Heinen wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> Names come from the localities in Moravia.
> More about the largest moldavites in my tektite book coming end January in German and mid 1998 in English (title:Moldavites-witnesses of cosmic catastrophes..
> Best wishes,
> Guy
	In addition to Guy's response, I got the following response from
another customer who is on my "preposting" list (he gave permission to
post his email, but wishes to remain anonymous):
> Michael, for your personal knowledge;
> I have a moldavite that weighs around 54g (I need to precisely weigh it someday), and once upon a time saw for sale a moldavite that weighs over 65g.  I'm letting you know so you don't get misled about moldavite sizes. Anything above 50g is EXTREMELY rare, but not the "biggest in the world."  There are Bohemian moldavites over 100 g in a *very* few private collections (count 'em on your fingers, probably not even one handful), and moldavites in excess of 200g exists (generally, the "brown" Moravian specimens are often found bigger than the Bohemian ones). 
>  Holiday cheers.....
	So, I found this VERY interesting & thought y'all might, too. 
	An AWSOME, prosperous & very happy new year to all, Michael