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Re: unsubscribe

Ok, I admit it.  I"m a bonehead.

Now...how do I unsubscribe from this list??  I've looked at the full header,
and there's no clue.

Thomas Cate                             | "Vikings? There ain't no
                                        |  vikings here.  Just us
De Facto Dictator / Grand Vizier        |  honest farmers.  The town
UCSB Fencing Teams                      |  was burning, the villagers
University of California Santa Barbara  |  were dead.  They didn't need
                                        |  those sheep anyway.  That's
ucatet00@mcl.ucsb.edu / torch@sb.net    |  our story, and we're sticking
                                        |  to it."
BS Ecology & Evolution, 1997            |           --anon.

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