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Re: Portales conspiracy revealed

Dear Michael Farmer and list. 
I read your post and was reminded of the way I have been slapped around on
this list by people. 
I want to say that I appreciate  all the individuals who go out and hunt
and collect the meteorites we love. I have walked the miles of desert for
thirty odd years. Killed my share of rattlesnakes and protected my self
from mountain lions, broken down and paid repair and towing bills. All for
little or no return in specimens.
What is being overlooked in some of the postings and yet being hit on
correctly by others is that the same market trends and behaviors we
treasure in the rest of our life are at work here as well. There is a
saying in the stock world, "Don't fight the tape.'' It does not matter so
much why a stock that for all good reasoning should be $10 is actually $20
if the tape says its $20 it is a $20 stock. And while it is $20 if you want
it then that's what you pay and you take the chance the price won't come
Mike you have to sell for a profit, if that means with my limited budget I
have no Portales then fine, that specimen is missing from my collection.
But that is a result of my lack of affluence and has nothing to do with the
honest price set by an honest dealer. Can we try to remember something
else, we are not collecting and selling diamonds. There is real rarity here
not created scarcity. There will never be more than what falls for each
singular event. So we should expect to pay for what we feel we must have.
And if dealers are not rewarded with a livelihood then they will go and
become plumbers and welders and we will have no meteorites unless we
collect them ourselves. And most of the hunters I know and I know many are
a lot more successful at finding meteorites than I am. Why, because they
make their living at it. They spend the time and they make the investment.

Beware wide ravings ahead!! Stop reading Now!!

As I said at the beginning I don't make many posts anymore because there
are just too many people who think that they know what it's expected for
them to believe, and they don't want any conflicting info. If anyone
especially in Europe feels they need to lock their "caps lock" key  and
slap me around some more; they can go ahead. Oh by the way I have a "caps
lock'' also but I would never use it on someone, its rude.

Thanks for your time, 
Jim Tobin

> From: Michael Farmer 
> To: meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com
> Subject: Portales conspiracy revealed
> Date: Wednesday, July 01, 1998 8:21 PM
> Dear Colonel
> My sincerest apologies for being an evil meteorite dealer who risked 
> what little money I had available on a wild goose chase when I heard 
> that a possible meteorite had fallen in Portales New Mexico. I decided 
> to go for broke and risk me and my young wife's money to try and acquire 
> a piece of the supposed meteorite. Well, after a 10 hour drive I did 
> indeed arrive in the little farming community where I did indeed 
> fortunatley acquire many pieces of the meteorite. I was forced to pay a 
> premium price due to Steve Arnold calling Portales newspaper and trying 
> to hype the Monahans a little more to try and spur interest and get 
> more money for that fiasco. He (or someone else????) quoted a price of 
> Monahans as being $31000 which is certainly not true. The people who 
> came to my hotel room that evening with a handfull of fresh meteorites 
> had done their homework and had that paper and my article and quoted the 
> price for Monahans as $31000 and ask me why I was unwilling to pay the 
> same for Portales. After many hours of dealing and numerous Pizza Hut 
> pizzas, I purchased many specimens for a very high price which WILL of 
> course be figured into the selling price for this meteorite. I DROVE AND 
> WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR THESE SPECIMENS!!!! I will do as I please with 
> them and will sell to whom ever I choose. ANYONE who does not have the 
> education or ability to look at one of those map things and fly or drive 
> down there can call me and I will give detailed instructions on how to 
> get there. 
> I do not make conspiracies against other people. I buy whatever I can 
> and will sell whatever I choose. It is funny that these three dealers 
> (which I certainly must be one of) were the only ones there???? Mayby 
> the other dealers or collectors who feel that some devious conspiracy 
> has occurred can get off of there asses and go to Portales and walk 
> miles in the burning desert sun, fight pissed of rattlesnakes, smell 
> bloated rotting cows which litter the strewnfield, and do the work 
> themselves in order to keep us conspirators at bay. I do not work for 
> free guys. I WILL make a profit or I will NOT sell any of mine. I am not 
> trying to harm anyone but when I am accused of setting prices or 
> whatever the COLONEL has accused me of, I will get pretty pissed off and 
> tell you to go to hell in public. As I said before, I will tell anyone 
> where Portales is so you can go see how much fun we had. By the way, 
> there are pieces still in Portales. I just spoke with the woman who  has 
> the main mass and she has already been quoted over $100,000 by a 
> consortium of Universities for her piece. So go ahead guys, go get it. 
> Colonel Whitehead or dumbass whatever your name is, please pull your 
> head out and get off the alien, conspiracy crap. Do you expect us to pay 
> many thousands of dollars in order to sell for or below cost?? If so, I 
> hope I can buy some of your meteorites at such terms. 
> I am really tired and cranky and to read this crap which is being spread 
> is getting old. I feel for the collectors and dealers who could not get 
> away to go take the risk of this meteorite but I drove 4100 miles to get 
> what I have and I will do as I damn well please with it, whatever it is. 
> I will have some for sale people so give me a buzz or an email with 
> approxamte amounts you might want in dollar figures, $100, or $1000 
> worth for example and I will assure you to get first crack when I cut 
> mine up next week. 
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