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More Portales

In a message dated 02/07/98 17:54:43 BST, you write:

<< If anyone
 especially in Europe feels they need to lock their "caps lock" key  and
 slap me around some more; they can go ahead. Oh by the way I have a "caps
 lock'' also but I would never use it on someone, its rude. >>

Hi Jim & list,

I can only think that that line is directed at me, unless someone else in
Europe has added to the price discussion recently. It's kinda hard to know
where everyone is located unless they tell us. Spelling certain words
differently can be a sure sign though!

I'm not sure why you'd say that, because I was agreeing that the
dealer\finder\hunter should be able to pay and re-sell for whatever price they
like....we have no right to tell him how he should run his own business, or
what he should pay and what he should charge us. If he gets it wrong, his lack
of sales will soon let him know.
All I was basically adding is that outrageously high prices paid to the finder
or landowner will have a knock-on effect to the collector, often putting a
particular specimen well out of reach financially. If the dealer's main
customer base is the private collector, then it's no good consistently setting
prices that we simply can't reach.

Silicon Glen, Scotland :-)

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