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Portales....a new beggining!

  From:  Michael Cottingham

Hello Stuart and the list....

     Stuart your letter was heartwarming....and the moment
I read it I went and looked at my meteorite collection and
since Mike Farmer beat me to offering you a new piece
of Portales....I have just selected a nice and substantial
Imilac specimen for you. Please email me your mailing
address. I will get this specimen off to you right away.

     You are so right about it all. Let me tell you how it all
began for me.  One day I sent away for a meteorite catalog....
this was just out of curiosity. When it arrived I was amazed
at this incredible world that had escaped me. Beautiful
specimens from other worlds were obtainable.  The price
of these specimens seemed really expensive....but
at this beggining stage of meteorite collecting I really
had no idea.  Anyways, when ever I could afford one,
I purchased it. Each one was(still is) a treasure to me.
They are fantastic....cool....incredible....and for me
they stimulate my dreams. Dreams for mankind and
the possible answers they may hold for space exploration,
medicine, and perhaps meteorites will play a key role
in our monkey evolution?

     I am a clinical herbalist and ethnobotanist who has 
worked with over 50,000 clients and in this field of
alternative medicine I have used many different types
of plant/mineral medicines....but never meteorites.

     I was reading about the Mbale, Uganda meteorite,
you probably know the story.....The village members
were all dying from AIDS....and they prayed to God
for help....soon the stones began to fall from the
heavens. They ground up and ate the meteorites
because they believed their prayers had been answered.
I wish  I could tell you the rest of the story, but I am
not sure what happened.....

I just began to wonder about meteorites....have they
ever been used as medicine....could they stimulate
the immune system in a possible new way!!

I was excited to learn more.....but I could find no
reference to them being used as medicine. I bought
and read everything I could on meteorites, called people
to see if there was any reference to meteorite medicine.
I began to learn more about the meteorites which contain
organic compounds.....to dream....dream...to search
for a new medicine. A new medicine to stimulate the
immune system in a world where the immune system
is in trouble!!

I love meteorites.....I love to read about them, to hunt them,
to expect the unexpected from them.  I promised myself
that if I ever found a new meteorite.....I then would treat myself
to an expedition.  So last Jan. I found the Columbus, NM.
H5 chondrite.  I estimate that I spent over 1200 hours of
searching in the field before I found this new meteorite.
1200 hours it took to find a new meteorite!!!  This meteorite
was 168 grams in six small fragments!   UCLA has a piece,
Mike Farmer, and myself.  The only reason Mike has a
piece was because I saw that he really loves meteorites!
You can tell when someone loves meteorites with a passion
and you can also tell when they love only money.

I really feel that the meteorite hunters & dealers who arrived in
Portales are of a new breed.....collectors...who love to hunt,
not only because it is the best part of this whole scene, but
because most of us who went to Portales can't afford to
purchase meteorites that often....We love to hunt them,
and we are driven to do this because we love meteorites.
We know about this cost argument.....we still have to deal
with it just like everyone else.  I can guarantee you we
have not forgotten what it is like not to be able to afford
these wonders from above.  For those of you who received
my FIRST ever price list a few weeks ago....you know
that my specimens were the cheapest possible prices
around.....I have not forgotten.

      So after finding the Columbus meteorite....I went to
Imilac, Chile....and sought the Imilac Pallasite....that
story is long, but I'll tell you this much I found them,
brought them back, went into debt, now have a bad
credit rating,  and I am now just starting to recover
from the financial loss.  Yet I still love to hunt 

In fact,  If any of you collectors or hunters out there
are passing through or coming to New Mexico, USA
and you want to experience some incredible hunting
grounds....sand dunes, blowouts, dry lake beds, etc.
please call me 505-535-2307....maybe we can do
a little hunting together....I would be happy to assist
you in anyway.  

Also,  I will have a new pricelist coming out soon,
and on it will be some great bargins....as there always
will be.  Yes,....I will have some small slices of Portales
for sale too.  Drop me a line if you want to be on my
upcoming list.

Good  Hunting, Collecting, and Living.

Michael Cottingham,

Oh!   Good Night Colonel....

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