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Yesterday I went with a co-worker to see Armageddon.
I wasn't expecting it to be scientifically accurate
or profound like Deep Impact was, just plain and simple 
entertainment and special effects.

Well, put simple it was a joke. I rarely talk through movies,
but me and this co-worker cracked up about every 5 seconds
about how utterly preposterous and mindless this movie was.

I won't bore you with details, just give you fair warning.

Some details I have to point out. Deep Impact made the
asteroid scene believable, with believable lo-G effects
and the walls of the mine looks a bit like Allende. In Armageddon,
the asteroid is all black and evil, with stalagmites everywhere.
Reminded me of the core of the ship in Event Horizon. It 
didn't look at all like a surface that had been bombarded
for the last 4 billion years.

There's not much I can say good about this loud, raucus,
mind-numbing, idiotic movie, so I'll shut up.

Hugely disappointed,
    Jim Hurley

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