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Re: Portalis - fall out from Monahans

>The inessant [sic] "pumping up" of the supposed rarity of that fall AND
>the "controversy" of ownership, combined with a preliminary "auction" of
>fractions of grams at hysterical prices - none of this goes unnoticed by
>the "general public"

Dear Michael,

There are so many "quotes" in your recent post that I'm a bit bewildered
after reading it. When quotation marks are used in this manner I gather
that it's generally taken to be sort of a wink, as in "it wasn't really an
'auction' because I put quotes around the word." Since I watched the
preliminary Monahans auction with great interest and attention, I wonder if
you could clarify your use of punctuation when describing it. Was it an
imaginary auction? Was the "controversy" over the ownership of Monahans
also illusory? The Monahans fall provoked two civil hearings, a voluminous
list discussion, extensive media coverage and so on. Surely that much
disagreement must constitute a genuine controversy? And, surely, collectors
and dealers bidding on a item -- live on the internet -- constitutes a
genuine auction?

Oh yes, and who are the "general public"?


Geoff Notkin

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