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Right questioning !

>            Mr. Geoff
>            Good evening from Brazil.
>            Congratulations for  questioning Michael.
>            Your are doing exactly what he did to me last March as you can
>see from the copy of the mail
>I'm sending below as well my reply to him.
>            I love  "The List". I have learned a lot. However I hate to see
>it to become a forum for accusations, insinuations and inurbane attitudes.
>know how you feel.
>            Cordially yours
>            JOEL CONRADO
>-----Mensagem original-----
>Para: meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com
>Data: Terça-feira, 3 de Março de 1998 22:47
>Assunto: Re: Moronic dealers
>>Received from Michael Casper
>>Tuesday, March 3rd. 1998 01:34
>>  Re: Moronic dealers
>>>Dear Mr. Conrado, Are you refering to me? If so please be kind enough
>>>to mention me by name. If not who then are you refering to?
>>>Regards, Michael Casper
>>    Mr. Casper
>>    Excuse-me, but who are you kidding?
>>    At the time when some of the members complaint about the  space used
>>messages which have nothing to do with meteorite, here you come to throw
>>more gazoline on the fire. So, here we go...
>>    First of all, and again, I excuse myself to all the members of this
>>    However, since I have been questioned in public and by a silly manner,
>>will have to answer the same way. I mean, in public, not the same silly
>>way.... :-)
>>    As I said, I regret it very much.!!!
>>    First of all mr. Casper who said I was reffering to you on my post?
>>makes you feel that "moronic dealers" it's "a cap that fits you" so well?
>>    Second: I just used the John Gould's phrase sent in his message. So,
>>ask me and not him if he tought of you?
>>    Third: are you a mashochist mr. Casper? You started your posting
>>me "dear" and then you say "be kind to mention my name" as the supposedely
>>one of the moronic dealers.... "Be kind?" It puzzled me... To see you
>>me to call you a  moronic dealer would it satisfy your  possible
>>feeling and be the the first one to be dropped from one of Wale's
>>beautiful cliffs...? >:-)
>>     By the other hand do you think I'm an idiot to call you of something
>>that will allow you  to sue me? Come on mr. Casper....
>>    I love this forum. I'm not an expert, I'm not a dealer but I have
>>learned a lot
>>about meteorites and people. Even about those who like to be called
>>moronic.. :-)
>>    Very cordially yours

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