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Going back to Portales again...

  From:  Michael Cottingham

Howdy folks...

Hey, I thought I would just say hi and Happy 4th of July to
everyone....after all it is the great day of American freedom
and Independence. The right to choose....as long as it
does not hurt the person or property of someone else.

I am leaving for Portales again in the morning and I am
asking list members for advice.

I am going back to find(if I am lucky) more meteorites.
I am not planning on buying any meteorites....I would
prefer to hunt & then find them.

I do have permission to hunt on several of the pieces
of private property.

Since....I will be in the field dealing with people on
meteorite like issues....I thought maybe in a sense
meteorite hunters have a responsibility to represent
the field of meteorites in a honorable and respectable
way....wouldn't you all agree?

In fact this is how I always conduct my business
in the field...whether it is centered around medicinal
plants or meteorites.

I would like any suggestions on how to further
represent the science of meteoritics to the 
public....since I am in the field...more and
more these days.


Michael Cottingham
way....would you all agree?

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Thank You