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Imilac Background for desktop

{I sent this with a thumbnail and it didn't seem to 
 be accepted, here's the note without a thumbnail}

And now for something completely different...

I have placed a high resolution image (1884x1648 pixels)
of a small part of the Imilac pallasite in BMP format at my web site.
You have never seen anything like this - you could make
a poster from it. Personally, I like it better than Esquel.

This is suitable for any imaginable PC desktop size background.

Reduce in size to your desktop using MS Paint (included in Win95) 
or other image processing program.

It is 9,314,552 bytes in size, that will take about an hour to download
over 28.8K modems. This is a specimen in my collection, you can use 
the image in any way you like - no strings attached. The cost is just
your download time and disk space.

Download from:
  ftp://ftp.arachnaut.org/imilac.bmp >

I will keep this available for about a week and then delete it due
to my disk space quota.

If anyone wants a different image, peruse my gallery and make a request:
   http://www.arachnaut.org/meteor/photos.html >

   - Jim Hurley

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