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more Armageddon toughts

It was my turn to view Armageddon.

My opinion on that movie is very simple and I quote "Somebody call 911"
because that movie is a disaster (scientificly speaking). The papier maché
meteorites that were hanging in the theatre were more real than the
asteroid in the movie.

Since I viewed the movie in a scientific way after the representation I
took the liberty of getting the opinions of viewers that were there.

Most of the attendees were very much satisfied with the movie and even one
young lady told me that she thinked that this was the best movie Bruce
Willis ever made. So I guess that if you want to see an action packed
movie, with a lot of noise and special effects, you won't be desapointed,
but if you want to see a movie that was supposed to be accurate
scientificly speaking then you must wait until you see the video tape in a
garage sale at 1$ a copy.

That was my opinion and your remarks are welcomed.

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