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[Fwd: Fraternity/collaboration]

Hello Michael, Geoff and list,

What I see here is not any singular meteorite, but rare and beautiful opportunity to slam dunk the media by making a statement that their hype will not be a factor in the pricing of meteorites as well as setting the general public straight on the value of meteorites differing greatly.  The statement we can make, using Jim Hurley's idea posted on Sunday which I have attached, is far greater than any one person's private collection.  It is imperative that we cooperate on this one meteorite, Monahans,  while the world is watching through the media, whom we just happen to have at our disposal now.

Best regards,

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I have a suggestion to demonstrate our collective power.

The Monahans auction will be starting soon (July 10).

Just don't bid.

Let me say that again - Please - DON'T BID.

One or two dealers may bid on this, but don't participate.

Let a dealer get the piece at a fair price and just buy our part slices
from him/her.

It would be outstanding if the auction went with only a single low bid.

(I have to say sorry to those Monahans youths who may be out of a college education because of this. Unlike folks like Mike Farmer,
they didn't have to work very hard to get this rock.)

Posted with certain hesitation,
   Jim Hurley

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     sending me hate mail.

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