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Re: [Fwd: Tales From the Dark Side]

   Hi folks,
     I believe they have been off the list long enough. It's real hard being
off, I was off for 4 days by mistake because of a change Art had made. It
was not fun at all. I suggest putting them back on, but I'm not the list
Michael is not happy about being gone and has been doing some reflecting. 
Just remind them no more personal attacks via the list or it's bye,bye again. 
Sounds fair to me....

Tom Randall

At 07:43 PM 7/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi,     What do they say where you live?  And Yes i think we should give ALL of
>them another chance or maybe two, this is America right!  mark j.
>Joachim.Hirschmann wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> mmmmh, I always thought that it is TYPICAL for the Americans to say:
>> "well, give
>> him a chance."
>> Is that  just a prejudice or reality ??
>> Joachim

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