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Re: Monahans warning


   Wow!  and thanks,  just the thought of owning something that is so rare
that  even museums and universitys dont have any in thier collections makes me
feel great!  
  As to my ability to keep salt dry,    I have designed and built a beautiful
Lexan diplay case.   It's hermetically sealed ,  and has a space for dessicant
too!   We use liquid nitrogen at work,   so maybe I'll pilfer some for a
nitrogen flush.   Or I can get some Co2.  I've seen it sold in a can for use
with wine to protect against oxidation during storage after being opened.   
    Im sure all my valuable meteorite will be better off being stored in this
way,  and I think I could find a way to make these display case to
order......anyone interested? 

Geoff Cintron     

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