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Portales.....counter offer!

  From:  Michael Cottingham

Hello List,

Recently, I posted my meteorite sale list #2 and on it is
Portales 1998. I offer this new meteorite for $25.00
a gram for small part slices. Several pieces have sold
for this price. Also several of you have also stated
that it was too high and thus they could not afford
it. Only one person made a counter offer........
and you no what I accepted it.  I suggest that we
set a new course for some of the high meteorite
prices.....make an reasonable counter offer.

Also keep in mind each meteorite is surronded
by a different set of price circumstances and
not every meteorite will be able to hold up
to counter-offers.....but many will.

I plan on making a counter-offer
next time I am faced with a meteorite
I want....but can not afford.

Michael Cottingham

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