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Re: Contraversy

> inflated the price and I paid like the others because Portales is
> definitely a very odd beautiful meteorite.  Does anyone who has seen it
> disagree? Please do not bother responding if you have not seen some
> because I know the rumors about the stone portion being and H6 but I was
> at the lab yesterday and nothing has been yet confirmed. 

Yes, I have seen a few pieces of Portalis, and it is quite beautiful (In
the sun the metal flakes make it shine like silver) but not (IMO)
beautiful enough to encourage the farmers to run up the price. Within
six months to a year, another meteorite shower will hit the States, and
then the media will arrive, and the farmers will demand 500,000. And
after that, it will double again. Michael, I have much respect for you
to brave the heat and snakes and briars and angry farmers down there,
but this is very bad for the hobby as a whole. 

And yes, the word from Dr. Moore at ASU is that it is an H5.

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