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Dear Geoff,

Get a grip.  You're a nice guy and I admire your loyalty to your friend
more than I can say.  It is a precious quality. But you need a reality
check.  The discussions and arguments of late are in an entirely
different vein than those that caused the suspension of 2 members.
These are healthy, normal, and expected.  They are essentially what this
list is for.   They are not ego-based manical ravings of never-ending
venom.  Sorry.  I didn't mean to get overly dramatic. We must be able to
use our judgment to distinguish between what is acceptable and what
isn't.   People in this sort of forum must come together, disagree,
change minds and/ or educate.  There is bound to be an occasional
personal confrontation, but lately those have been retracted or
apologized for and they were not even severe.   I urge you to consider
and re-evaluate the differences.


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