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<<  We must be able to  use our judgment to distinguish between what is
acceptable and what isn't.  >>

While I am sympathetic to the tone and intent of Julia's post, how long will
it take 
before we all finally realize that there is no such thing as "OUR judgment"?  
How could a bunch of such wonderful, diametrically-opposed, idiosyncratic
personalities possibly have "OUR" anything?  Some of the same folks who were
screaming about commercialism a week ago, are now going into exquisite detail
about their own personal economic theories, even if quick to add that it "will
be the last time they speak on the subject".    MORE blood, sweat, and tears
have been shed by MORE list-members in MORE posts, trying to come up with MORE
definitions of rules about this list, than have been spent on meteorite-
subjects, even though THAT is what these same people CLAIM to want to
exclusively read.  The same folks who used to simply post "let's please get
back to meteorites" are
now solemnly offering THEIR versions of what's OK and what's not.  They are 
writing non-meteorite-posts, in order to complain about non-meteorite-posts. 
The point is, the more we all say our peace, the more apparent it is (or
should be)
that we are a primordial soup of loud, mellow, eloquent, simple, passionate,
introspective, outrageous, scientific, amateur, precise, disorganized, sacred
and profane hominids who will never ever ever ever ever be stuffed into a
nice, neat package which will please EVERYONE, and never should be.  So why
continue to waste time trying?  (and trying, and trying, and trying, and....)
I said a month ago that coming up with a set of Commandments to govern this
list would be infinitely harder than just letting it do its own thing, read-
what-you-like, ignore-what-you-don't.  
I told you so.         Gregory

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