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Meteorite Display Case

   I've designed and built an hermetically sealed display/storage case for my
meteorites.   Some of you have expressed interest in purchasing one for your
collections too.    I am concidering sizes producing sizes of 12"X18"X6",  and
12X24X6" to begin with.    These cases are crystal clear acrilic,  and with
care should last forever.    I would like to know who,  and if any of you are
interested in this,  as I am making up the list for the first run of pieces.
Also if anyone has a specific size in mind,  please let me know.   I can
produce them to your specifcations.   Thanks to all of you that have expressed
interest.   I hope to be able to make something that will keep your meteorites
safe and protected from the effects of the elements.

Please send all corrispondance to my personal address ;   Geoffcin@aol.com
so as not to clutter this list.  Thanks again for your interest!

Geoff Cintron

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