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Re: Newstead, Scotland, UK.

Eric S Hutton schrieb:

> Looking through a 1902 catalogue of the meteorite collection from the
> U.S. National Museum produced by Wirt Tassin, I found the following...
> Newstead, Roxburghshire, Scoltland.  Iron.  Weight, 51 grams. Found
> 1827.Triangularly shaped fragments. The Shepard Collection, No. 22.

Hello Eric, hello List!

I got the following entry in my database:

Scotland, Roxburgshire
Find, 1827
BM London, 203 gr

So the British Museum might be able to provide further information. If
so, please, let me know!

John G. Burke also mentions Newstead in his 'Cosmic Debris, Meteorites
in History':


Page 189: During the years 1861 through 1864, Maskelyne made exchanges
with museum curators at Copenhagen, Madras, Calcutta, Heidelberg,
Vienna, Yale, Paris, Debrecen, Berlin, and Göttingen, and with dealers
or private individuals at Turin, Moscow, Santiago, and Boston.

Footnote 60: BMNH, Exchange of Duplicates file. Several of the exchanges
involved a substantial number of specimens. For example, in 1862 and
1863, the museum received from Yale: Denton County, Walker County,
Pittsburg, Salt River, Weston, and Richmond. It gave: Arva [Magura],
Segowlie, Butsura, Durala, Umbala, Shalka, Akbarpur, Futtehpur, Yatoor,
and  N e w s t e a d  [a pseudometeorite]. From Berlin, it received 14
specimens in exchange for 11; and from Vienna, it received 12 specimens
and gave 13.

Page 204: In addition, Bement succeeded in obtaining the entire masses
of two American falls: the Ottawa and Pricetown stones. As a result,
exchanges with Fletcher brought such prizes to Bement's collection as
specimens of   N e w s t e a d , Nejed, Gibeon, Cowra, Youndegin,
Greenbrier County, San Francisco del Mesquital, Mantos Blancos, Barranca
Blanca, Ogi, Udipi, Khairpur, Mornans, Pirgunje, Yatoor, and Durala.

Footnote 115: BMNH, Bement file - in particular, Bement to Fletcher, 30
October 1894; 18 October 1897; 22 October 1897; and Fletcher’s notes on
these letters.

John G. Burke, Cosmic Debris, Meteorites in History.

Best wishes from rainy, windy, and cold Southern Germany,


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