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deterioration of meteorites

John at Voyage magazine has asked me if he can publish my earlier post on
why I feel meteorites are a bad investment.  Since 'meteorites as
investments' is the least interesting aspect of meteoritics (though the
issue is relevant these days), I'd like to fill out the article with a list
of meteorites that are known to deteriorate if stored in the open air or
handled.  Here's what I have so far, any additions (or disagreement) would
certainly be useful information to this list & Voyage's readers.
Miles often breaks apart if stored in the air, and other silicated irons
are similar.  Brenham often rusts and crumbles.  Gibeon slices often rust,
as do a good number of other irons when sliced.  Toluca and some other
irons rust as whole specimens.  C1s are very fragile.  Saratov & Bjurbole
are examples of very friable meteorite that can crumble from handling, El
Hammammi is somewhat less fragile.  'Micromounts' and small pieces become
worthless to a scientist when handled.
Peter Abrahams, telscope@europa.com

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