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Re: Grading, was Re: Meteorites-do you sell your loved ones?

Matt Morgan schrieb:

> Furthermore, a dealer should know basic meteoritics, astronomy, and
> geology.

I heartily agree because meteoritics is an interdisciplinary thing!

> There is no excuse for calling a stone an L4 when it is an H6, I've
> seen it, and it bothers me.

Too strict, Matt. There are meteorites of differing petrology that look
so similar or so different that they can fool you and me and others -  I
am thinking of the absence or presence of metal flakes in certain

> Take a class, read all the books you can, and be responsible,
> especially for NEW specimens.  Get them officially classified, or have
> several other dealers, collectors, instructors, take a look at it.

... or ask our List!

Best wishes,


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