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Re: Frankenstein's Meteorite Monster...

Hi Stuart,

Respectfully I think the best thing for the list is not to go through this 
whole mess again (though I am not trying to dictate) but since your post which 
I agree on for the most part I will add my two cents worth.

>>No-one on the list would dream of going into a motor dealer's and complaining 
that it's not fair that they can't afford that car over there, it just doesn't 
work that way!<<

The average car right now must cost $18,000 and if I went into a showroom one 
month and came back the next to put a down payment and found out the car now 
cost $216,000 (roughly the price of Portales, New Mexico) I would be more than 
a little up set with the inflation. If it was $900,000 or more the cost of the 
Monahans I would also be quite up set because there would be very little 

My problem with this whole thing is the escalating prices that we are seeing in 
the field. No one is taking into account the cost of cutting, preparation and 
so forth plus a markup for profit which further inflates prices. I recently 
went to investigate a suspected meteorite find and drove 4 hours to meet the 
people as it sounded like a good possibility. They were on the internet and saw 
the whole Monahans thing and were wanting something like $100,000 for this 
stone. As it turned out it was just a rock but had it been a meteorite I would 
have not been able to deal with these people as they simply wanted too much and 
the Monahan thing is the reason.

It will be interesting to see when the next fall occurs what the prices will 
be. There may be another Holbrook fall somewhere else but rather than a dollar 
a gram it will be ten or twenty or more. Perhaps most people are willing to 
settle for pea gravel size collection but I for one am not. One other fall out 
is the prices of what is out there already. Are we going to see a ten fold or 
more increase in prices? This whole thing is way out of line and when people 
stop buying into it then we will see prices fall. Best Regards


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