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Meteorite storage solutions (or "two hobby synergy")

Well, as I mentioned last night, I thought the card collector hobby
might provide us with some plastic boxes for meteorite storage beyond
the 2x2" micromount.  Today, I visited a baseball card store that didn't 
have what I wanted, but he was kind enough to direct me to a nearby 
Long's Drugs that has a good selection of baseball card storage cases.

A gold mine!  50-card clear, thick (won't flex with pressure between 
fingers) plastic boxes with nesting lid (not the cheap variety with 
hinges) US$0.79 for two.  25, 100, 150 card sizes were also available. 
Brand name - "Ultimate PKK"  Dimensions - 3.5x2.5x0.75 inches inside.

3x3x1 inch inside dimension "Collector Safe" (brand name) US$0.99 each.
Once again, a nesting two-piece box (no hinges), clear, and thick.
Considering that it's apparently designed for any sort of collectible, 
I'd bet that there's an entire line of different sizes from this 

Also, I saw baseball display cubes (US$1.95?), baseball display spheres
on wood bases (US$2.95?), baseball display spheres with plastic card holder
on larger wood bases (US$4.95) and identical types for hockey pucks.  The 
baseball storage items would be good for complete individuals, the hockey 
puck ones for slices (both sides could be viewed if no jewelers' matting 
was used as backing).  The card holders could hold a baseball card sized
description/history of the meteorite.

My guess would be that wholesale prices on all of these would be half (or
less) of their retail price.  I'll be doing a www search for those brand
names (Thomas Register, etc.).  

Now, I just need a cheap source for some of that white jewelers' matting.  
Any ideas/sources?

In the two types of boxes that I bought (50 card box and collectors safe),
I plan to put a description card facing down under the jeweler's matting.
That way, one will be able to just flip the sample case over to read all
about the meteorite slice it contains.

One other thing, there are also storage cases for the baseball storage cases,
a neat way to store an entire collection of slices.

Bill Blair

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