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Re: Meteorite storage solutions (or "two hobby synergy")

Matt Morgan wrote:
> Hello Bill:
> I also collect old baseball cards from the turn of the century in addition to
> meteorites.  I just started using the ProMold PC 25 case for meteorite slices.  I
> paid 35.00 + shipping for 120 cases and they fit great with a lining of batting
> on the bottom.


Matt, first question, where do you get your batting?  I suspect most mail order
sources would require large quantity purchases and a local source isn't immediately
obvious to me.  A www search hasn't been productive and the Thomas Register only 
lists about a bazillion sources of matting who, unlike the plastic case suppliers I
also found on the TR, don't have on-line catalogs.  As a result, I suspect that they 
sell high-volume only.

ProMold was the brand I was originally looking for since I found their web page last 
night.  Unfortunately, Long's Drugs didn't have that brand in 25-card size, only in 
single card sleeves.  The only hingeless cases they had were for 50 cards and up.  

How is the optical quality of the ProMold cases, specifically the face side of the 
case?  The baseball card holders I bought look great head on, but have a very slight 
wavy appearance at an angle.  No problem, really, just less than the optical perfection 
I'd prefer (beyond reason, probably). 

Also, unless I was on the wrong page, it looks like Cardboard Gold has increased their 
minimum quantity to 200 ($49.00, 24.5 cents each) for the 25-count card holders.  I 
found them last night, also, but didn't need 200 count.  Since ProMold sells in 
120-count case lots, I wonder if Cardboard Gold has switched to a different (cheaper) 

Anyway, I've already requested a catalog from ProMold via their on-line form.  They
are at:


Anyone want to split a 120 count order with me?  Please?

I found via www.thomasregister.com several other sources of clear plastic display
boxes.  Some look like larger versions of the acrylic micromounts.  I'll be calling 
for a catalog tomorrow from those with toll-free numbers.

Many thanks to all who emailed me with your help and suggestions.  I'll be using the 
Riker boxes suggested by many to display my tektites.

Bill Blair

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