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Louisiana meteorite?

Hi, list:

I have gotten some calls here at the planetarium from the local news
media regarding a possible fireball and meteorite fall in western
Louisiana near the town of DeRidder.  It supposedly happened last night
(10 - 11 PM CDT July 12 or 03 - 04 UT July 13).  Locals are of course
convinced that it hit near them, and local law enforcement is out
looking.  There are rumors that the fireball was visible from as far
away as Galveston, Texas, and parts of Mississippi.

I'm skeptical of them finding anything, but need more information.  If
any of you have information or observations concerning this, I would
appreciate hearing from you, as I am supposed to do a couple of
interviews about it today.


Dave Hostetter
Lafayette (LA) Planetarium

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