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Meteorite hunter shot .

On fathers day a veteran meteorite hunter from Tucson Az was shot. The
meteorite hunter wants to remain unnamed for fear of reprisel to him or his
family. At 800 am the hunter was comming out of a canyon south of Tucson.
When he met up with a mid 1980s white ford taurus comming up the canyon. As
he got by the vehicle containing 4 men , he noticed 3 were wearing ski
masks. The 4th man was Hispanic in his mid 20s. After he cleared the
vehicle the unmasked man jumped out of the vehicle with 2 pistols and 
opened fire . The meteorite hunters vehicle was hit multiple times. The
hunter was shot once thru and thru his right arm . He drove like like a
crazy man to a nearby ranch for help.  Police were called no suspects were
found . The police are still investigating. The meteorite hunters physical
wounds are just about healed. But he now carries a weapon. 

Please forgive my writing . This is told with the meteorite hunters
permission . The incident happened on BLM lands.  Do I think the price of
meteorites is to high? 

John Blennert


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