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Rusty stones

Michael Blood wrote:

> 	This person considers almost ALL rusting of stoney meteorites to be due
> to the use of water in their cutting - even if this shows up months
> later. He also considers all "water cutters" to be either ignorant,
> stubborn and/or lazy ( as the "curing time" is 3 to 6 weeks when oil is
> used). 

I've seen rusting in a complete Millbillille specimen, and in a broken
fragment of Murchison.  
It would seem to me that if these specimens can rust this way, they could
certainly rust if sliced, and have nothing to do with the use of water in
the cutting.

By the way, a belated thank you to everyone who responded to my pleas for
help on my Millbillille.  I do have a "micro" sandblaster, and some time
when I'm feeling brave I think I'll give it a try.


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