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Re: Meteorite hunter shot

On Interstate 15 @ 2:am, recently,  between Victorville and Barstow, a car
containing two foreign nationals on vacation in the U.S. was accosted by a car
containing four Hispanic males who opened fire on the former.  The two
visitors pulled over thinking something was wrong with their car, (a 4-wheel
drive type) and were waylaid by the attackers who car-jacked and left the two
visitors several miles up the road.  So, this kind of thing can happen
anywhere, I do think.  Yet this is extremely rare on this interstate.

I think they simply wanted the car our meteorite hunter was driving as they
had a two wheel drive taurus and he had a 4 wheel drive bronco2.  

Carrying a gun in the desert brings lots of responsibilities including the one
where you might actually shoot someone in "self-defense".   While I also carry
a loaded weapon while in the "outback", it has caused me some serious moments
when confronted with a BLM Ranger and other desert residents.  Unfortunately
in this day and age, I personally feel that it is necessary, unfortunately.

My sympathy to the meteorite hunter....he did the right thing...It also pays
to be highly observant and highly cautious out there where there is no law.

Cautious Huntin
John H.

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