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Exotic meteorites? (was: Origins)

Hello list,
After weeks of lurking, it's probably time for me to jump in the cold and rather tumultuous waters of the meteorite-list ;-)
My first question would be: I have seen several explanations from where do the meteorites originate (asteroid belt, moon, mars, comets), but I've never heard or read any of the following explanations:
- Planetary rings (a piece of Saturn's rings would be sooo cool in my collection)
- Planetary volcanoes ejectas (Io would be a very good candidate, but there are some more)
- Solar ejectas
- Extra-solar meteorites (I know, Allende have some CAl inclusions, but I'm speaking here of a _meteorite_ )
- ...maybe I've forgotten something...
Do somebody knows why are these hypothesis not relevant?
Thanks in advance,