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Re: Cumbrian meteorite..?

STUARTATK@aol.com schrieb:

> Hi List,
> Rob? Bernd? are you listening..? :-)

Bernd is listening but the only authenticated meteorite fall 'about 30
years ago' was BARWELL!

Barwell - L6
England, Leicestershire
52 34' N / 001 20' W
Fell 1965, December 24, 16:20 hrs

A shower of stones fell after a fireball was seen, with sonic effects;
one fragment was seen to fall and shatter and more material was
recovered over the following few weeks; the total mass recovered is at
least 44kg.

Did that retired gentleman remember the time of the year and/or the
date/the month? Christmas should be relatively easy to remember.

Regards, Bernd

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