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Bovedy - Barwell

Hello Stuart, hello List!

What about Bovedy?

Bovedy - L3
Northern Ireland
County Londonderry
54 34' N / 006 20' W
Fell 1969, April 25, 21: 22 hrs

A fireball was observed over the British Isles moving from SE. to NW.
Three days later a specimen, in two pieces totalling 513g, was found at
Sprucefield, County Antrim, after it had fallen through an asbestos
roof. A second stone fell on a farm at Bovedy, County Londonderry, about
60km NW. of Sprucefield, and weighed 4.95kg, I.G. Meighan and P.S.
Doughty, Nature, 1969, 223, p.24. Reported, Meteor. Bull., 1969, (46),
Meteoritics, 1970, 5, p.103.

See also Eric Hutton:


Eric's wonderful website also gives a summary of the NATURE 223 article!

Best wishes and good night everybody,


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