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Re: Cumbrian meteorite..?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your note re my intriguing "sighting" - (and to everyone reading
this who mailed me with advice and comments)...

I've been digging about and am now pretty convinced that my observer actually
saw the Bovedy meteorite falling, everything fits - the direction of flight,
brightness etc. The only thing nagging at me is his insistence that he heard
that hissing and sizzling..'. but we all know how easy it is for people who
witness only part of an event to read or listen to accounts of it containing
other information, and then convince themselves they saw or heard those things

So I'm going to dig around a little more, send my guy all the info I have and
ask if he agrees that's possible. If he doesn't agree with the date, or comes
up with anything new, then I have to go look, don't I?!!!

Thanks everyone...


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