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monahans auction info

Geoff and list, Geoff, said that Michael Casper cannot be High Bidder
for an auction that has not begun. Here is a link to a mailing list
email from Steve Arnold which states quite clearly that  "As of now,
Michael Casper has the highest bid in, and he is probably as good
as any, at spreading material around to both the scientific and
markets.  So for those of you who maybe only want a few grams, stay
For those interested in at least 300g, please contact me immediately."
Geoff, please explain how since the auction had not yet begun, that
Steve himself informs us on June 11th that he was the high bidder. This
could not be if the auction had not yet been started. Could it? I am
just slightly confused. You use my words to make me look like a fool in
that the auction now does not start (after many false starts) until July
24th. As of June 11th, Casper was the high bidder. Are you saying that
that is now void? I hate to get so trivial on the list but this really
does affect the entire business and the integrity of the business is now
compromised in my view.
Mike Farmer
Click here to read the archive and Steve Arnold's own words stating the
Michael Casper was high bidder.

Here is another statement from Michael himself clearly stating that he
was already bidding on it.

I think this message really tells us a bundle.

Please inform me if I misunderstood any of these emails, I myself think
they are quite clear.
I alsol spoke to the owner of the Portales meteorite tonight. He was
quite interested to hear that people actually are angry about the entire
situation. It seems that he thought that everything was going well.
Mike Farmer

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