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Re: Kainsaz/Dimmitt missing from mail!!

In a message dated 18/07/98 17:23:44 BST, you write:

<< The carrier is important, too.  Regular post is okay for lower
 dollar items, but I would recommend that UPS, or FeEx be used
 for anything valued over $500.  Their services are much more
 expensive, but with them you can be certain that your shipment
 will get to its destination. >>

Good advise Steve.
I'd also add 'adequate insurance' to your list because some carriers only
offer standard cover, based on the total weight of the package. For high value
slices of only a few grams, the standard insurance value then becomes
I sent the Kainsaz slice via private carrier (ANC/Skynet) marked as "mineral
specimen" and had wrongly assumed that there was sufficient insurance cover in
case of loss. If I'd known, I would have paid the extra $15 for full
As things stand now, I'll be lucky to get $50 compensation from the carriers,
for a slice worth perhaps $1600

Additional insurance cover isn't necessarily expensive, so for high value
packages it may be worth the little extra.
For those of us that get charged VAT or other import taxes, declaration of
value for insurance purposes might also mean paying out a sizeable amount in
import tax, but that's preferable to losing the whole @*&$%! consignment.

Best wishes,

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