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Calculated silence

Nothing but a very personal note from a frustrated collector, who likes
this list, and who really loves his hobby:

What is going on here? Where is there a clear word on what has once been
just a local Monahans TX affair, then turned to be some sort of curious
auction affair, and now seems to turn to something much worse on a very
personal side, as some of us list members know - again: where is a clear
word from both of you Michael Casper (who is back on the list!) and/or
Steve Arnold (back, too?), who once initiated the whole thing, before it
got out of hand. 

We are tired of reading faked comments from - as I am sure we all know
in the meantime - certain aliases, whoever may hide behind them.
Intelligent people can make intelligent guesses.

Why do you really behave in a way of - let me cautiously call it -
"calculated silence" for now? Do you think all we other seemingly quiet
lurkers in the dark, all of us potential customers of yours, some of us
knowing many others in the field of meteoritics, will forget about all
of it soon after the hype is gone? My personal opinion, and let me say
it clear, as one who has nothing to fear except being banned from your
sales lists (no problem) or being banned from this very list for what I
say (if it were for the criteria of the new list policy, ok Art, then
let it be):

You may be risking your once good reputation as dealers or brokers,
folks, as others did before, independent of the financial power that you
have now, which may be orders of magnitude higher than that of your
fellow dealer colleagues, who not only seem to be challenged, but are
probably experiencing worse. Let them have their chance, let them live
in peace, and last but not least: let us finally know the truth.

Good night!
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