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Re. Monahans

Hi Everyone,

I *swear* that from now on if I see a posting with the word "Monahans"
anywhere in its subject line I am going to delete it. You all have your fun, I
don't care about it, or the politics or personal issues here... I'm just sick
of the sight of the word, it's stopped actually being a meteorite to me. Now
it's just a thing that's making people fall out and causing confusion and ill

I think I'll give that nice Mr. Goldin a ring and ask him if, as he's going
that way, John Glenn can take the bloody thing back into space in October...

On a lighter note, thanks to everyone who's written to me re. my "Cumbrian
meteorite" over the last week. The gentleman who contacted me asked me to pass
on his gratitude for helping to clear up what he saw, which has puzzled him
for the past 30 years. I'm now 99% convinced he witnessed the Bovedy fall. 


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