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Re: More Martian Meteorites Coming this Way!

Hello Michael,

>Dear Walter,
>	I know I am very concrete in my thought process & often mis "subtle"
>humor. Are you saying the article "clicked to" in your last posting is
>completely bogus & meant to be "funny?"
>	Michael

The first thing that strikes me as being funny is the justaposition of the
Martian meteorites (a very serious scientific subject) with a page devoted to
UFOs (well, you know).

Look at the following statement:

>About 7 percent of Martian rocks knocked away from Mars eventually hit Earth,
>while more than 30 percent eventually burn up in the sun. The remainder
strike >other solar system neighbors.

This sounds too authoratative with no range of percentages.  Granted most
meteorites land in the oceans but these figures sound too precise.

And this one:

>Burns' research indicates that the rocks coming from Mars would take six
months >to reach Earth.

Six months?  Isn't this the figure often quoted as being the time it would
take a manned mission to reach Mars?  Has analysis of SNC material indicated
cosmic ray ages of 6 months (no, too short of a time span to calculate)?

And this one:
>Studies have shown that microscopic life can survive in space for at least
six >months.

What studies?  Are they analogue studies?  Has there been a shuttle mission
which confirmed that  "microscopic life can survive in space for at least six
months."  (I am asking a serious question - if anyone know of these studies
please let me know).



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