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Re: Mars Mania

In a message dated 7/20/98 5:16:51 BST, Lou writes:

<< Personally, I hope they find
 something up there, but any evidence for life today remains
 circumstantial at best or worse. :(  >>

Oh yes, I hope so too, I really do, it's a matter of faith with me, I refuse
to believe that we're Alone, either in the Universe as a whole or in our own
Solar System "back-yard". Evidence is mounting for life-friendly conditions on
Europa and now Ganymede, and well, okay, there's only VERY circumstantial
evidence, at best, for life on Mars, but as SETI pioneer Frank Drake put it so

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

I believe, and will continue to believe. We really need to go to Mars and
crack open a few rocks with a hammer and have a look inside, or find some
surface vents, whatever. So ALH84001 looks like it may turn out to be
"empty"... it's a shame, but it's re-energised interest in both Mars and
meteorites in general, and - UFO page claims aside  - the next time a martian
meteorite lands on Earth THEN we'll be able to sit back and watch one
helluva'n auction here... :-)))


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